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Ö1 – Austrian National Radio / Kunstradio

We see ourselves surrounded by an exuberant boom of narratives, in which streaming services constantly screw together new constellations to create the most astonishing hybrids: Housewives mutate into zombies and are fed by their families; vampires turn out to be teen idols with heartbreak; whole suburbs try their spouses out on each other; celibate pupils are trimmed from sex-therapeutic mother to expert. And again a virgin unintentionally becomes a mother – this time, however, in vitro and with a South American migration background.

The artist duo matthaei&pfeifer faces the novela challenge and produce meandering morphing audio stories from simple everyday material for art radio via word loans, microstories and found footage. Using live mix soundscaping with 3 CD players, Michael Fischer creates associative, counteracting and affirmative sound environments from samples from 40 CDs.

Ö1 Archive