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REHEARSING ANGER undertakes artistic research on questions of ANGER in urban spaces. As a participatory film shoot.

While rage often has negative connotations, it has a deeply emancipatory aspect: In the course of the bourgeois revolutions, “wrath”, which was the prerequisite of rulers, was democratized through “rage”. Struggles for food supplies & housing, women’s & workers’ rights are inconceivable without anger at the prevailing conditions.
Anger arises from grievance & powerlessness – in public spaces it is supposed to be repressed & controlled. It is seen as primitive & frightening. As the violent reactions to “The Last Generation” show.

For REHEARSING ANGER we dedicate ourselves to ANGER in the Märkisches Viertel, this West Berlin housing estate, a proud symbol of international architecture built right next to the Wall: The later terrorist Ulrike Meinhof & Horst Mahler, who is now a right-winger, are said to have agitated here in the adventure playground (the 1st in Germany). The first squatting of West Berlin took place here in 1970. Sido later made pop cultural capital from his childhood in MV as a German gangsta rapper from the hard “block”.

We are interested in WUT as a performative & political phenomenon. As an individual expression of people in the MV with their biographical & cultural influences.