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sophiensaele Berlin, Dezember 016

Two years of idiot research lead to this big CONSPIRACY. We let ourselves be adopted by highly specialised idiots in order to be infected with various practices of increased self-will first-hand. Channeling us on a journey into life where we will no longer function. Learning by doing idiotically.

We invite you to arts-and-craft-ed parties & secret walks, work on your own idiocy & car radios far from the the broadcasting towers. Back in the ceremonial hall we host a series of fluid gatherings with crafts(wo)men of increased self-will: performers & audience exchange their special knowledge, which can only be transmitted live. The role models & tools from our collection are shared with our co-conspirators, together we shall throw the dance around the golden calf of tender adaptation off balance and out of rhythm.

Funded by Capital Culture Fund


For  IDIOCY & RESISTANCE we invited various researchers & practitioners of idiocy to 4 live radio shows – constantly on the lookout for increased self-will which manages to evade the demons of functionality. We learned about the project to dive through Europe in 30 years, tried slow-down helmet & biohacking, listened to the floating beauty of constructed languages, microtonal tubas & balloonised trumpets. With the analog astronaut we danced the weather report of the day Snowden dropped his bomb, the courtly rituals of the Baroque or the Tarantella’s ecstatic refusal to work.

Over the course of our equally meticulous and psychotropic research in reality, we followed the flickering pointers of the ecstasy expert, from Kathmandu to the early days at “Tresor”; we learned to be amazed by little thinkers (while on the other end of life a mother is mischievously giggling to herself in the cupboard); in the twilight we listened to reports of the death nurse about the chilling avoidance of kindness on the “last pillow”; learned true performance from the pseudologist & drank from the spring of eternal optimism sine factum with space energetics. Not to mention the most open-hearted fetishists who made us blush about our own modesty; or the narrow-chested MBA-student who, on a Wednesday morning, provocatively friendly presented his shining axe to us.

By & with

Polyxeni Angelidou, Jens Baudisch, Niklas Binder, Miles Chalcraft, Jana Donis, Doris Dziersk, Bodo Hermann, Nadja Hermann, Hauke Heumann, Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller, Jana Krause, Jörg Lukas Matthaei, Sofie Neu, Judith Nika Pfeifer, Nefeli Skarmea, Jochen Stechmann,  Michael Vorfeld, Frank Willens & many more


Godparents of the conspiracy

BerlinJane ASMR, Youtuber. Whispers make-up tips & descriptions of everyday scenarios into a giant microphone for hours to make her fans tingle.

Norbert Bender, member of “Stottern e.V.” (Registered Society of Stuttering) and leader of a theatre group with stutterers. Says (of himself) that he has this gift.

Christian Block, operator of Berlin’s first rage room. After studying business, he discovered the economic potential of the accumulated aggression of his fellow citizens. Now has the ability to know who really needs it & which weapon they will choose at first sight.

Bioenergeticist Christina Burgfried really gives her patients a good shake i.a. through “Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises” in order to address their traumas, for instance by vibrating the psoas muscle.

Sarah Burmester is an online editor at “klettern e.V.” (Registered Society of Climbing), where she plans and builds climbing routes. She sees climbing as an individual dance in the vertical.

Since the 1970s, Hans Cousto has accumulated profound knowledge of drugs and celebration cultures, which he continues to expand to this day. Also publications on the “Cosmic Octave”, which translates the orbits of our planetary system or those of various molecules into musical frequencies.

Maggy and Jan Dijkman are the founders of “Balloons United”, one of the leading online mail-order platforms for balloon fetishists. In addition to their worldwide business, they are working on the expansion and networking of their communoty through image and text.

Gabriele Franzen counsels relatives of dementia patients and, despite the difficult environment caretakers work in, is committed to make handling the disease easier by changing expectations.

Bettina Fleischer, inclusive death nurse. Very rarely experiences moments of final reconciliation at the dying person’s deathbed: “Death is hard work.”

Annett Gaida, single- and couple-therapist, trained in neuro-linguistic programming. With which she offers both happiness seminars and flirt courses for farmers. Regular publications in “Trendy Single”.

We met Gunnar in the chat, he used to like to go to sex parties where he took hard drugs with other men. Bug-chasing & pushing the boundaries.

Catherine Christer Hennix, musician & mathematician. Studied with the master of Raga, Pandit Pran Nath, was a fellow at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in the 70s. Loses herself in her backyard apartment in Neukölln for weeks tackling infinite problems of theoretical mathematics, while her own drones overlay the disorderly sounds of the outside world.

“The Little Thinkers” are children with whom Eva Stollreiter has been offering classes in free philosophising for years, where big questions find new answers.

Sabine Lorenz-Abt is a veterinarian & appreciates the honesty of animal communication.

Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Ludwig, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Manthey and Dipl.-Phys. Markus Fromm from the German Association for Spatial Energy (DVR) are conducting research on free energy as a new means for energy production.

Natalie Rosenke is chairwoman of the “Society Against Weight Discrimination” and disapproves of the fact that as a fat person one can only buy baggy clothes.

Single- & relationship-coach Daniela Satzenhofer advises Queers & Heteros on how to find suitable “partner material”. If desired, she also helps design a working profile pictures for dating platforms.

Elke Schmid, director & trainer in the art of walking. Ever since her mother started suffering from dementia, she re-learned to be amazed & to appreciate her mother’s unexpected recollection of memories.

Franz Schuh, Viennese writer & essayist, i.a. for Ö1 & Die Zeit. Among other things he published “Help! An Experiment for Kindness”.

Veronika Springmann is a historian and boxing trainer.

Stefanie is a member of the Berlin regional association of “Intersexuelle Menschen e.V.” (Registered Society of Intersex people), a forum of intersex people who advocate for a self-determined, non-discriminatory life.

Prof. Hans Stoffels, psychotherapist. As an expert in working with “pseudologists”, pathological liars, his challenge is to “bring their special talent in harmony with their surroundings”.

Tomo is the “Fursona” (= Furry Persona) of a fursuit from Lichtenberg. A rather big, white-blue husky, who likes to cuddle other people tempestuously and often gets involved as a mascot in wrestling.

Deacon Rui Wigand was in charge of the holy gate of mercy in the Dominican church St. Paulus for the Caritas of the archdiocese Berlin.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Lorenz Wilkens, religious scholar. Publications on the early church, the Gospel of Mark, psychoanalysis, music and the fine arts, among others.

Photos: Merlin Nadj-Torma