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Bangalore 2018

with Srishti Institute for Art, Design & Technology as part of the BangaloREsidency by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

2 months artistic research, teaching & interventions. matthaei&pfeifer collaborate with students of “Srishti Institute for Art, Design & Technology” in Bangalore to research and create a series of site-related interventions. Reflection the histories of appropriation, mixed narratives & politics surrounding “magic”. Channeling urban magical practices and voicing an individual and collective perspective on the wondrous performances of the urban everyday. Our understanding of „magic“ is not so much linked to vaudeville & cheesy make-beliefs – although we do like those as performative models! – but rather based in a common ability to create realities out of make beliefs that manifest itself in a wide variety of fields and practices. Engaging with Bangaloreans of all kinds of different backgrounds, we work performatively with an ethnopoetic approach, focusing on „urban magic“ as a pool of open-source inspirations.