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Spreepark Berlin, September 2019

Usually, amusement parks are supposed to provide entertainment to fully able bodies by pushing them to their limits, confusing their senses or leading them into artificial realities. This project reverses this relationship: From the perspective and co-authored with people who have a different perception due to a particular physical or mental characteristic, other manifestations of time and speed, surprise and ordinary, joy and frustration are the benchmark. The visitors as crash-test dummies for special attractions…

produced for “ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space”

von & mit

Rahel Berghold, Tobias Brunwinkel, Amelie Cayre, Andreas Costrau, Robert Janning, Athina Lange, Lukas Matthaei, Thomas Miebach, Uwe Niksch, Ferdinand Pechmann, Christoph Pisarz, Luca Puppe, Sebastian Quack, Tamara Rettenmund, Matthias Vernaldi

Dank an: Raul Krauthausen,, GIBDA, Pfeffersport, Theater Thikwa