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what the new returnees bring back home



Radioplay for “Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg” 2014

Since 1999, Germany has been back in war again. But at home there is little to feel of it, our everyday life does not seem to be disturbed. Everything is normal – isn’t it?

KRIEGSALBUM // ALBUM OF WARS is a many-voiced audio piece that condenses the experiences of the new war returnees into an extraordinary picture of the current battle scenes: Soldiers, journalists, employees of NGOs report very personally on their experiences and their impact on the future. They give insight into the real war scenarios, which are much more confusing and brutal on the ground than the cleaned-up news images show us. Their reports are accompanied by reflections by therapists and clergymen as well as politicians, some of whom play a leading role in shaping Germany’s military line.
The programme allows the diversity of these narrators to enter into an acoustic dialogue with Berlin’s everyday sounds, where the club leads to the fun pool on Friday evening on Saturday morning, the voices of refugees mix with the football sounds of the corner pub.

Teaser Soldiers

Teaser Therapists

Teaser Politicians

Teaser Journalists

Teaser NGO


work with the performative possibilities of radio art, musicalize language and field recordings. MSA are Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller and Jörg Lukas Matthaei. Since 2014 they have been realizing performative audio projects – be it as salons, live radio plays or interventions in urban spaces. These are often based on wide-ranging research for stagings, e.g. the feature/radio play KRIEGSALBUM: Interviews with returnees of German missions abroad (soldiers, journalists, politicians) were first introduced into everyday situations in Berlin as material for performative settings. Later, these were musically condensed and composed, including the resulting city recordings (rbb et al. 2014), and re-arranged as live radio plays (Leipziger Hörspielsommer / sonohr Bern 2015).

Producer for RBB: Mareike Maage