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IMITATION OF LIFE : remake berlin

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October & November 2021

in the frame of „RE-TURN. Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum“ by KUNSTrePUBLIK & ZK/U

3,000 people live in a new neighbourhood right next to the historic middle of Berlin. In apartment houses built by investors on the former strip of the wall. IT experts from India & Vietnam, online security specialists from Poland, embassy staff from Brazil, the professional soccer player, the opera singer, next to pensioners & the restaurant operators who fill the neighborhood with life, at least during the day.

For IMITATION OF LIFE : remake berlin we stage with them the shooting of a scene from Douglas Sirk’s eponymous film from 1959. This last melodrama, which the German emigrant shot in Hollywood, negotiates upward mobility and family relationships as effects of economy & racism. Or as Rainer Werner Fassbinder said: “A great, mad film of life and death!”


Nicolai Albrecht (Aufstellung), Elsa Mechin Angot (Kameraassistenz), Michael Clemens (Kamera), Michael Graessner (Ausstattung), Jörg Lukas Matthaei (Künstlerische Leitung), Federico Neri (Editing), Iris Richter (Beleuchtung), Frederyke Sauerbrey (Mitarbeit Casting & Kommunikation), Johanna Weber (Mitarbeit Ausstattung)


João de Alcântara, Marika Bauer, Sarah & Alberto & Allessandro Citti, Angelika Eichenauer, Sibylle Kaduk, Monika Karwowska, Elias Scheideler, Marta Tudela

Mit besonderem Dank an

Ugur Yildirim, Alex Bloom, Michael Nehls & Monika Karwowska, Kati Simon & das Team vom Skulpturenpark, Hüseyin Ucar vom Delikat am Spittelmarkt