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our early years

March 2009 Berlin

Six different voyages with five dancers, accompanied by guides, live sound and video to locations in the city of Berlin where time has worn thin. Bodies become probes, investigating and consolidating the future’s past at paradigmatic locations of the urban landscape: an abandoned amusement park, a 19th century psychiatric ward mortuary, a showroom for luxury apartments built on the strip where the wall dividing Berlin into East and West once stood, the pitch-black and over 100 years old cellar of a former brewery, the former radio station and studio of the state radio of the GDR, a hip club on the riverbank.

Acoustic feed with theoreticians from various fields discussing the question as to which cultural, legal, technological, imaginary or sensory roles might be ascribed to the bodies of today, viewed from the perspective of the future.

Inszenierung & Choreographie MUVINGSTUDIES jörg lukas matthaei & ingo reulecke / Livemusik Schneider TM / Video Isabel Robson / Guides Johnny Chambilla & Torsten Holzapfel / Dramaturgische Mitarbeit Wiebke Hensle / Choreografische Mitarbeit Katja Münker / Mitarbeit Locationscouting & Ausstattung Anke Gänz, Dimana Lateva, Dorothea Ronneburg, Janna Schaar, Caroline Schwarz, Theresa Winkler / Coaching Jan Burkhardt / Technische Leitung Eckhard Baugatz / Foto & Grafik Hanna Lippmann / Produktionsleitung Gabi Beier eine MUVINGSTUDIES-Produktion 2009 in Zusammenarbeit mit Dock 11 Berlin, gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds