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COOP 3000

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the foundation of a neo-solidarity corporation


33 Jahre Neoliberalism: Happy Birthday, Fuck Off!

Where neo-liberalism reigns, neo-solidarity should become the rule! What is left of the old solidarity when the industry has disappeared? Which practices of the everyday can we weave together in the cultural patchwork of the Ruhr area to produce new solidarity far beyond the horizon of our neo-liberal present?




Oktober 016 Festival Favoriten 016 Dortmund


April – Juni 017 Witten, Dortmund, Duisburg, Bochum


Juli 2017 Bochum

# Level 1 Dortmund : The Cornucopia

In the ballroom of the old welfare state, the collective sale of pay envelopes leads up to the ladies’ choice, speeches on society’s gone riches alternate with dance performances of new solidarity, while Bitcoins rains on the floor and all guests become shareholders of a utopian promise. The song of praise for the old solidarity of the Ruhr area blends with the practical diversity of newly arrived. Trained personnel help to create the appropriate dress style, while the live music ensnares the dancers. If you don’t remember your steps exactly, you will receive a crash course from the experts of the local dance school.

# Level 2 Witten Duisburg Dortmund Bochum : The Tuppertheoryparties

Discourse sharing & radical local actionism, suction cups en masse & guerrilla radio. Pragmatic conversation formats in which the ideas & knowledge of all those present are remixed. Maybe they’ll come up with pimped home recipes, maybe they’ll come out with cottage cheese. Or deep-freeze rations for other times.

From April to June COOP 3000 organizes four SUPPERTHEORIEPARTIES, at extraordinary locations & in exchange with various communities in the Ruhr area. Looking into a theme of neo-solidarity we invite local & foreign experts to share their knowledge & experiences with all guests in an open round & to try out new combinations together.

# Level 3 Bochum – The Shareholders’ Meeting

4 days of neo-solidarity with lectures, workshops, filming, cooking + party. Hundreds of people from the Ruhr area have jointly prepared a new „Corporation“ in recent months. In a playful model, shareholders & consultants, artists & academics, local solidarity experts & visitors explore ideas & practices for new forms of living together over 4 days: What comes after money? Among others with Dirk Messner, cooperation expert of the German Institute for Development Policy. Núria Güell (ES) Artist. The Vacuum Cleaner (GB) aka James Lead, artist. Friederike Habermann, economist and inventor of the „Ecommony“. Phil Collins (GB/D), media artist with his film „Tomorrow Is Always Too Long“. The authors of the film „The Opposite of Grey“. Anna Echterhölter, cultural scientist at Humboldt University of Berlin & many more…

TEAM 2016/17

Amanda Bailey, Felix Bouché, Helene Ewert, Andrea Schulz & Christoph Engelhard, Josefine Habermehl, Liselotte Herms, Julia Hülsken, Lina Jung, Julia Knies, Florian Krauß, Jörg Lukas Matthaei, Marco Peise, Judith Nika Pfeifer, Anja Plonka, Carsten Pütz, Dorothea Ronneburg, Kai van Nuffel, Peter Wardemann.

Ein Projekt von matthaei & konsorten mit Urbane Künste Ruhr und FAVORITEN 2016